I am glad to present a session on March 3rd 2016 for MITPro (Montreal IT Professional Community) at the Delta Hotel in Montreal.

Here is the detail of my session that start at 5h30PM:

Deployment with Azure Resource Management templates and GIT

Maximize current resources while improving your datacenter flexibility and ability to deploy new technologies—without sacrificing security, control, reliability and scalability. Attend “Deployment with Azure Resource Management templates and GIT” and learn how to use tools like GIT, Visual Studio CODE & Azure Quickstart Templates to help you with Infrastructure as code and Azure while maximizing productivity across platforms.

Speaker: Stephane Lapointe - Microsodt Azure MVP / Cloud Solutions Architect at Orckestra

Here is also the detail of the other session after mine:

Topic 2: DevOps
Abstract: DevOps practices have become a vital part of agile development and continuous delivery. Be ready to evolve your traditional application lifecycle management (ALM) approach to help your business deliver higher value in less time. In this session, you’ll discover:
The cultural challenges, processes, and tools involved with DevOps
DevOps practices such as Infrastructure as a Code and continuous delivery and testing in production
DevOps techniques that can deliver higher quality software on a shorter timeline and with better compliance

Dave Kawula – MVP – Founder / Managing Principal Consultant
Sean Kearney - Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP / Senior Solutions Architect at Cistel Technology

Register here if you want to attend to event:

More information about MITPro: http://mitpro.ca/