It's with great pleasure that I will present 2 sessions at DevTeach Montreal this year (2016)

DevTeach Montreal DevCon July 4-8, 2016

I will speak about ARM and automation on Azure (No surprises here!)
Here is the detail of my sessions:

Advanced Azure deployments using templates - CLD345

This session is all about best practices and how to create advanced Azure ARM templates. How to use proven patterns for ARM templates to deploy topologies and their workloads consistently on Azure. Learn about the decomposed template approach and complex objects to properly implement and reference collections of data. Secure your resources using role-based access control (RBAC) by granting appropriate access to users, groups, and services. See how to handle sensitive information like credentials inside your templates.

Automation and environments on Azure - CLD241

Automation and environments on Azure - Where to start?
There is a lot of options when come the time to create resources and manage environments on Azure. You'll learn about the various options available for automation whenever it's imperative via scripts or declarative via templates. Why to choose one approach versus the other, what are the pros and cons of each? We'll share tips & tricks so you can be successful with automation on Azure and explore patterns to help you reduce the cost of running these environments on Azure.

Don't hesitate to come and say hi if you attend DevTeach this year