The articles you find here are more around technical guidance, how-to's and errors I encountered throughout the year. It's only been recent for me to write up about decisions & what happens at work.

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Some of my colleagues and I have been writing articles to discuss our journey at GSoft. Sometimes it's from a technical writer standpoint, sometimes from a software architect standpoint, it varies. Quite diverse in the content that lands there.

Lately, we've been opening up more on what we do because we wanted to share with others our experiences and our journey. It materializes in the form of blog articles and we write about what happens in our team, the technology team, and at GSoft in general.

We share decisions we made and why we ended up going there. It is the kind of content I personally enjoy, more about a process than a "Here's the answer to your question". Sometimes it can trigger ideas or reflections about a particular technology. Sometimes just about how we ended up taking a decision itself, helping you in your reality and context.

I invite you to read us out :)

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Happy reading!