One of the main issues facing IT management in 2020 is uncontrolled cloud spending. Learn how to gain the visibility and insights you need to take control of your cloud environment, and implement a team-wide Azure cost management strategy.

During this ShareGate webinar on December 8, 1:30pm EST, I will cover:

  • Why cloud cost management is so important—and so difficult. According to our data, approximately 30% of money spent in Azure is on resources and services that could be optimized. We’ll explain why so many people are wasting so much of their money in the cloud.
  • Actionable steps to creating an effective Azure cost management strategy. We can take you through the steps that will help you gain visibility over your Azure spending so that you know what to optimize.
  • Automated solutions that can help with ongoing Azure management. Manual monitoring of spending, identifying changes, and analyzing your Azure costs is time consuming and probably not why you and your team got into cloud engineering. We’ll discuss some tools that allow you to spend your time where it counts—leading a team in building better products and services.

You can register here, it is free: