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There is two tracks in the day:


Cortana Intelligence – Internet of Things Lab
Objective: Enable users with the ability to customize Azure IoT Suite solutions and their integrated components. Users should be able to create a solution, add devices and manipulate rules and outputs. Finally, users will be shown how to integrate device data and outputs to see their use in line of business applications and workflows.

Audience: Database, data warehouse, and Business Intelligence practice leads and architects


Module 1: Overview of Microsoft Azure IoT Suite,
Lab 1: Provision an IoT Suite solution and add devices.
Module 3: Advanced solutions and integration,
Lab 3: Integrate device and alert data into business workflows.


9am-12pm - Track: Internet of Things
1pm-4pm - Track: Machine Learning
6pm-9pm - Track: Machine Learning

DevOps - Open Source & .NET

Parts Unlimited MRP is a fictional outsourced Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application for training purposes based on the description in chapters 31-35 of The Phoenix Projectby Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford. © 2013 IT Revolution Press LLC, Portland, OR. Resemblance to “Project Unicorn” in the novel is intentional; resemblance to any real company is purely coincidental.

The application uses entirely open source software including Linux, Java, Apache, and MongoDB which creates a web front end, an order service, and an integration service. Click here for the related Parts Unlimited Website application.

To read more about this project, please visit the documentation website.

You may watch a demo in Channel 9 that walks through many of the steps in the document.


Continuous Integration – C.I
Continuous Deployment – C.D
Infrastructure as Code – IaC
Configuration Management – ConfMgnt


Microservices using Azure Container Service or Docker Swarm
Automated Security
Testing in production
A/B Testing


9am-12pm - Track: Open Source (Parts Unlimited MRP) OR .NET (Parts Unlimited)
1pm-4pm - Track: Open Source (Parts Unlimited MRP) OR .NET (Parts Unlimited)
6pm-9pm - Track: Open Source (Parts Unlimited MRP) OR .NET (Parts Unlimited)