Mark Russinovich just announced Azure Service Fabric.

I had the chance to play with it and it is really incredible. It is a real game changer for high-availability and high-density solutions. One of the problem right now on Azure is the density we achieve in PaaS, is not really optimal. Service Fabric enable multiple applications / microservices to run on a cluster. Multiple application can run on it and also multiple version of the same application.

Service Fabric Architecture

Azure already announced App Services not long ago that enable you to have scalable applications without having to deal with all the complexity that comes with it. With Service Fabric framework gives you are a more close to the metal when it comes to having control. It enable you to work at a way deeper level, don't be fooled, a lot is abstracted if you don't want to get your hands dirty but if you wish to, you have this level of control. It is more complex to work with Service Fabric than Azure App Services, but you gain more control and more power.

Excerpt from Mark's announcement:

Service Fabric offers the following benefits:

  • It supports creating both stateless and stateful microservices – an architectural approach where complex applications are composed of small, independently versioned services – to power the most complex, low-latency, data-intensive scenarios and scale them into the cloud.
  • Provides the benefits of orchestration and automation for microservices with new levels of app awareness and insight.
  • Solves hard distributed systems problems like state management and provides application lifecycle management capabilities so developers don’t have to re-architect their applications as usage grows.
  • Includes Visual Studio tooling as well as command line support, which enables developers to quickly and easily build, test, debug, deploy and update their Service Fabric applications on single-box deployments, test deployments and production deployments.

Downloadable bits will be available during the Build conference at the end of the month.

I will be blogging a lot about Service Fabric in the following weeks/months so stay tuned.